Bravo is a young and fearless fighter, with a fresh look on the outside but mysterious on the inside. Born and raised in Tequila, Jalisco, Bravo came from a family of luchadores, proudly represents that tradition at the time he invents new moves and develops an array of strategies to overcome his opponents.

Bravo represents the new era of luchadores, young but still great and the best of his class.


Caníbal is not a villain; he is just a tough and straightforward luchador, which makes him an uneasy rival to fight against. His methods are unconventional but you know what they say, “all is fair in love and Mucha Liga®.” Caníbal has the spirit of a rookie but the experience of a veteran, that’s why he is the most feared luchador among the circuit.

He is the leader of los rudos, a cult of luchadores who try to destroy los técnicos in this balance between virtue and guts.


Invicto is the biggest star of Mucha Liga®, a fearless luchador who combines skills and passion to own the battles as a living legend.

He represents the old school Lucha Libre, bold inside the ring and gallant outside of it. He’s the most experienced luchador of Mucha Liga®, and through all those years defending his honor with his undefeated record, he has leaded los técnicos in his fighting for justice and truth, using his wisdom and unmatched quality.